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Here are what a few clients have to say about Emma's phone psychic readings:

milliondollarbabe Holy cow.. She picked up that I was deficient in a vitamin.. So I had tests done weeks ago. I get a letter from my dr TODAY. The results are exactly what she said and I will be on meds.. HOLY COW thats awesome.. I will be back. Thank you Emma!!
linda murphy Excellent Reader!!!
cougars Thank-you. Readings never fail to impress me. I was having a rough morning and appreciate that you made me feel better as well
Member 42861721 very straight forward and to the point.thanks.will call back to tell you what happened
Ibelieve Emma Thank you, I would have talked longer but with the other situation I asked you about being so costly right now I felt I shouldnt add. I really wanted to hear what you were saying and I appreciate your insight which by the way made complete sense, because I believe the person I asked about is curious about my availability but is quiet like me and very private so what you said makes a lot of sense. I will call back as soon as this other stuff is over for more of your insight. Thank you so much again.
Member 42861721 thank you .was very professional and to the point.very reassuring
belou104 Thank you very much for confirming my intuition. Emma explains things so well with compassion and caring energy. She is definitely worth calling!
LOOKNOFURTHER She gives clear details and a reasonable time line. I trust her.
Member 42861721 was very pleasant to talk too.she made my day
artlover71 Not only does Emma give excellent, professional and detailed readings, keying into important issues quickly -- it's obvious she's a good person, and someone you can feel confident to put your trust in.
INTUITIVE LOVE ADVICE BY CHRIS VERY GOOD CALL!!! Warm friendly, easy to talk to with good specific answers to my questions.
Inspirations I have been talking to her for a while and she is always spot on.
aries8968 Thank you Emma
artlover71 Thank you Emma for your professional and thoughtful reading. You were accurate about all the housing and health-related issues and I feel positive about having your confirmation of the big picture. It falls in line with what we anticipate. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to speak with you.
lotus19 I really enjoyed our conversation we had with one another. I felt much better after talking with you. Your truly gifted and I will keep in touch with you.:-)
wannaknowanswers Answered every single questions specifically! Easy to talk with too. Thanx for all your insight -- greatly appreciated.
oliver twist tunes in well, gives quick insight...would come again:)
Notnicha Thank you.
LMinott SUPERB ACCURACY, COMPASSION, WIT, WISDOM & INTEGRITY!!! Thanks again for another stellar reading. You defintely were in tune with the subject matters that I asked about. Thanks for caring enough to always tell me the truth & not what I want to hear. What blows me away are the microscopic details that you pick up on! You amaze me & crack me up all a the same time! lol Thanks for all that you are & all that you do. xoxo
Lana68 You are a tremendous person.....I need to call you more and so should everyone else. thanks
wishfish Emma was very specific in her answers to my questions. I was satisfied with my reading.
artlover71 Emma was able to answer questions quickly, directly and concisely, with details. She is the person to go to for your answers. She instilled confidence in me because she shared information that confirms she's reading accurately. I'm grateful for her words and advice. Emma, you are a blessing! Thank you.
RedFalmouth Once again ty for the great reading. I will call with an update. ty
tonip She is AWESOME!!! love her and she was able to read perfectly into the two men I asked about!!! Blown Away!!!
READINGS BY JANICE I always call Emma when I really need accuracy, timeframes and her expertise! She leads me in the right direction every time. Thank You Emma!
LMinott HOLY COW!! Emma, where have you been all of my life? lol If you're looking for a mind blowing, jaw-dropping kind of reading then look no further. In February, something you predicted (that I didn't believe) came true. In that same reading you predicted something else that I politely said, "ok" & kept the conversation rolling...it made absolutely no sense at the time & now I'm wiping egg off of my face... all of the dominoes are lined up & the first is about to get knocked over. YOU ARE BRILLIANT, HONEST, COMPASSIONATE & OH-SO ACCURATE!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
RedFalmouth I had a great reading with emma. I felt she was very connected with me. ty

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