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Ascension Wands 

"Ascension wands can actually reconfigure your DNA for healing." -Emma

Ascension Wands Help with the Healing Process
Ascension wands can treat the entire mind, body and spirit connection. Using a wand on a client can help release blockages in the subconscious mind and memory body. They also help with removing decaying and dead cells within the body (such as cancer). They can also help with chronic, subconscious, emotional sabotage. With the help of the wand, the practitioner can move their client beyond their own limitations so that the client's healing process feels profound to them. Using a wand on a client helps the person to heal within minutes or seconds instead of months. By tapping into the memory body, wands can go deeper than any other method. By going into the memory body wands can help remove blockages and stagnant energy in the physical body, mind, and spirit.

Some Available Designs
Clear Quartz and Amethyst helps to remove blockages from the cells due to chronic illness and helps the person move past emotional wounds from childhood. Easy to use and universal, a great beginner's wand.

Fluorite and Amethyst helps to quiet the mind and still the body. Very effective in healing brain disorders due to chemical imbalances. Also good for trauma due to relationships and past life karma. Fluorite is said to be the antidote to any mind disease. Helps to organize chaos within the mind so you can understand your own potential. Beginner's wand.

Apophyllite and Amethyst. This wand is for the person who wants to be on their spiritual path. Helps the person to meditate and helps to "lifts the veil" so that they can see the spirit world for what it is. If you want to see interdimentionally this is the wand for you. It can also effectively be used on a client. Helps to open the crown chakra and third eye and will help to facilitate your channeling abilities. Will also help you to see the dimentional shift that the world is going through. You will be on the front lines of the planet's evolution. An advanced wand.

Moldavite and Kunzite. This is a millenium wand. Removes blocks from childhood up to the present. Their are no limits to what this wand can do for you. It removes blocks that you know you have as well as those that you are not aware of. All of the energetic walls will come down. The best part of this wand is that it does the work for you. It completely eliminates your blockages and emotionally sets you free. Removes self-doubt and fear. Millenium stones have a memory and a sensitivity that normal crystals do not have which helps you go through the healing process more throughly.

Wands can be used on self and others. Proper instruction necessary. See Crystal Healing Level II for instruction. Phone instruction available.

From Emma's personal collection. Bottom wand: Made with the help of St. Germain. Center shaft has 22 laser quartz crystals and the bottom is a naturally occurring amethyst matrix. Top of the wand is a double terminated citrine. Used in her grid work. Top wand: Ankh wand has 3 single terminated clear quartz crystals at the top and one single terminated clear quartz crystal at the bottom. The center of the shaft has a removable bead that can be changed at will. Opens up the heart chakra and helps one find their soul-mate. This wand was given to Emma by her Grid teacher Serge Genteil. These ascension healing wands can be made to order.

Bottom wand: Clear quartz top, amethyst bottom. Used to transmute negative energy out of the body. Top wand: Clear quartz top, amethyst bottom. It harnesses the red ray and helps to remove disease from the circulatory system. These ascension healing wands can be made to order.

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