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Reiki and Reiki Certification

A Reiki master since 1998, Emma holds two lineages: Jikiden Reiki, which is Japanese style and Usui Reiki, which is western style. The Usui lineage is as follows:  Reiki Hawayotakata, Phyllis Furumot, Diane Stein, Carol White, Paul LaFamme, to Emma Phaneuf.  The Jikiden Reiki lineage is Mikao Usui, Hayashi Reiki Kenkyukai, Chujiro Hayashi, Chiyoko Yamaguchi, Tadao Yamaguchi, to Emma Panueuf. Emma taught at the Palmer Institute of Massage for five years and attuned over 3000 students so far. 

What is Reiki?

Reiki is the universal healing energy that comes through the body of the practitioner to the person being healed. A non-invasive healing method, Reiki has the innate ability to go to the parts of the body that need it. When the white light energy of Reiki is received in the body it helps the individual to heal physically, mentally and spiritually. 


Receive a Healing

Emma is available to give Reiki healings in Pawtucket, RI or anywhere you are by  the Distance Healing Method. Her rates are $65 per hour, with a one hour minimum. 


Get a Reiki Certification

Anyone who is interested can become attuned to Reiki to heal oneself and others. 

All levels receive a certificate upon completion. 


Reiki I: Heal Yourself

Receive instruction and attunement to heal yourself on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. Origin and history of Reiki, how it works, how to ground your personal energy, setting intentions and ethical permission, basic anatomy, healing crisis theory, chakras, hand positions, meditation, and attumement are all covered. Certificate. $150. Completed in two sessions. 


Reiki II: Heal Others

Receiving the Reiki II instruction and attunement increases ones healing ability. Learn to heal others on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. We will review Reiki level I, learn the Five Reiki principles, receive instruction and learn the level II symbols by writing them, saying them and seeing their colors. Also, we will learn how to do distant healing. Then you will receive the Reiki II attumement. Meditation and hands on practice. You are now at the Practitioner Level of Reiki. Certificate. $275.


Mastership and Teacher Levels

Receive the final instructions and attunements to become a Reiki Master and Teacher. Learn how to pass the attunements, receive advanced diagrams for chakras, learn the true origin of Reiki, get the two third degree level mastership symbols, instruction on how to pass attunements, you will be given the third degree attunement, practice the meditation, there will be lineage discussion and then you will be given your certificate. After three months, you now qualify to be instructed on how to teach all levels of Reiki. This is the teacher portion of your class which will include a packet of all hand outs and reading material. Reiki Mastership level $750. Teacher portion is $250. 


Light Ray Therapy Practitioner: Step Up Your Reiki!

(The pre-requisite is being a Reiki Level II practitioner.) Step up your Reiki! Learn how to direct the universal healing source to pinpoint the exact nature of the healing that is needed. The most precise light healing modality available. Learn how to use the seven universal light rays for self-healing, empowerment and spiritual expansion. Seven gemstones are connected to the seven chakras which amplify the seven light rays which the practitioner directs to the person being healed. This is a powerful meditation and the participants will receive healings and insights directly from the ascended masters. You will receive a series of 28 attunements as a part of this process. Emma will give you specific instructions about what crystals are needed for the class. Bring your own or purchase the crystals from Emma.

Four hours. $220. Mastership level is available. Ask Emma. 


Visit Emma at Her  Healing and  Reading Space! 


83 South Rose Street, Suite 100
East Providence, Rhode Island 02914


By appointment only. 

Phone: +1 857 526-5021+1 857 526-5021

E-mail: Click Here

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