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Custom Wands

"With positive thought you can make anything happen, especially abundance."

"All of the wands that I create are made with the individual in mind, made to their specifications. Wands can be made with a variety of materials such as crystals, wood, copper, silver, leather, fur, and herbs. All of the products that I use are blessed and/or consecrated with the energy of the moon, god and goddess. When anointing crystals and wood, oils and elixirs are used to bring the energy of your wand to the highest potential. How you want your wand made will determine how long it takes to make it. For example, it may take as long as one lunar phase. You can count on your wand to be unique and specific to what you need. It will never be duplicated. All of the magical components that are used are of the highest quality. If you want to use any of your own items, they can be incorporated. They will be blessed and conscrated by me when I receive them. If you need the elements such as air, water, fire, and earth added into the making of your wand or if you want any zodiac elements added or if you need numbers, dates of birth, or symbols engraved, please specify. Prices will vary from $75 - $999. Gem quality materials must be provided by you."

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Ascension wands Ascension wands

Crystal Healing Arts

at Hope Artiste Village

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Studio 8216
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Phone:+1 857 526-5021+1 857 526-5021

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