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Native American Wands 

"When using a wand, the power of sacred space is within the palm of one's hand."


Native American wands are used to correct energy within a room or area, working with the energy outside of the body. Wands can be used for casting a circle. The work that is done in sacred space is most commonly used for magical or healing purposes. With a wand it is said the power of sacred space is within the palm of one's hand. Wands can be used to remove negative spirits or entities. These wands are also used for protection. Wands can be made to direct the energy of all five elements. These wands are used by those with psychic ability. You must be able to perceive the dimension you are effecting. The objects that are used in the making of all wands can be chosen by you. These can be personal items that you either feel connected to or are drawn to. We will discuss the making of your wand in detail.

Some Popular Wand Designs

Laser Quartz and Amethyst
are great for casting a circle. The wand will help you to direct all of your intuition and full awareness for casting the circle. Helps to protect the one using the wand from negative energy that is cast out. Great for magical work.

Rose Quartz and Fluorite
Helps to direct the energy of love to a circle, especially powerful for any love creating magic. Great for hand-fastening ceremonies. Helps to release negative thoughts and gives you more awareness to what you are doing.

Citrine and Smoky Quartz
Helps with the abundant flow of the universe. When casting, it helps move the energy directly through you to your magic. It helps to draw the magical aspects of abundance to your magic and life. With positive thoughts  you can make anything happen, especially abundance.

Native American Wands Native American Wands
From Emma's personal collection: in Emma's family for 150 years. Left Image: Willow wand. Harnesses female energy. Right Image: Used for divination. Used for channeling the elders. Both can be made to order in the Blackfoot Native American tradition.
Feathers used for wands. Feathers used for wand-making.
Crystals for wands. Crystals that can be used in all wands.

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