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Ascension Classes

Overcoming Spiritual Crisis

Come and join me for a deeply meaningful and powerfully transformative 
workshop on the power of love. 


What is a spiritual crisis?
How is a spiritual crisis overcome?


These are the very real questions many people ask.
The spiritual symptoms are:

  • Having trouble making positive changes
  • Feeling like people keep drawing you backwards
  • Reoccuring dreams
  • Lots of Dejavu 

On the physical level:

  • Migraines
  • Trouble with feet and legs
  • Dizziness

Many parts of a spiritual crisis can be overcome with divine love and self love. There will be meditations on how to access the energy within your own body that leads to healing. This is actually the true meaning of self-empowerment.


Our physical body is at risk when we don't have peace within.
Negativity and self-doubt must be cleared to access the healing energy of love.

Find out how prayer and meditation will help you tap into self healing and your own self divine connection to the God-Force.


We will address how we make the correct life choices and changes to improve our health, well-being and spirituality. We will start to do this by finding what really helps us to be joyful and by finding and accessing our inner talents. The real answers to life come from the love within us all.

This is a two hour class with meditation, prayer, and affirmations.
Please bring a notebook and crystal that you like to meditate with.
90 min. $110


Anchoring Your Light Body

This is a beautiful and sacred workshop offered by Emma which connects you to the core of the earth and to your higher self- your “I am” presence.

Emma uses an energy grid wand that physically grids the individual's light body into the core of the earth.


At this time of great change and rapid energetic shifts it is vital to our health and well-being to be deeply grounded so we can accomplish our spiritual mission.

Once the light body is anchored to the earth's core Emma then connects the individual to the 22 chakra points above the crown chakra.

This anchors your connection to the higher self- the “I Am” presents. With this deeper connection you will feel your mind, body, and soul connecting to the soul’s mission.
A powerful meditation follows the light body work. Here you will be able to go into a deep meditation and ask your higher self:
 What is my soul’s mission?
How do I achieve it?
 What is my deeper purpose in life? 
What ascended Master and archangel is here to guide me?

This class offers people an opportunity to re-connect their life energy into the core of the earth to be replenished, protected, and guided.
There will also be Mantras of The Violet Flame done in this class
90 min. $110

Crystal Healing Arts

at Hope Artiste Village

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