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Psychic Readings with Emma Phaneuf

Emma has been a renowned psychic 

professional since 1983. She has been recognized as being a gifted psychic medium and channel, who specializes in psychic Tarot readings and mediumship readings one on one and in a gallery format. Book a psychic reading in person, on the phone or at your party. 


Emma reading Tarot cards from her guilded Egyptian tarot deck. The Auspicious Bull. Your goals will be achieved!

Psychic Tarot Readings

Tarot cards are one of the most ancient ways of predicting the future, looking into the past and gaining an understanding of why things are happening at the present time. 


In person or phone psychic readings with Emma: 

15 min. $35; 30 min. $60 ; 45 min. $90; 60 min. $110. 

90 min. $150. 

Phone Readings Policy: it is the responsibility of the person receiving the reading to call Emma at the time that was booked. Thank you. 


Combination Psychic Readings

Select two kinds of readings and add $10 to price. 


Psychic Tarot Readings at Your Party

Throw a Tarot Party!

Tarot parties are fun for any occasion including weddings, bachelorette parties, "girls night out" and corporate parties.

To book a Tarot Party contact Emma. Emma will either come to your party or she will host you at her studio. Other types of parties that are available are Gallery Mediumship and Chanelling. See each section for details.

Mediumship Readings

Private Mediumship Readings

Emma is able to put you in touch with those who have passed on. 

$120 per hour
$65 per half hour
Additional people sitting in on the reading: $40 each.

Emma can also do mediumship readings over the phone. 


Gallery Mediumship Readings

This is a mediumship reading in a gallery style setting which means that the participants are together and each reading happens spontaneously as the spirit moves Emma. Mediumship is psychically connecting to loved ones who have passed on.

$80 per person.
4-7 people will take one hour

8-15 people will take 1 1/2 hours


***Emma cannot guaranteed that all present will be read because of the spiritual nature of group mediumship but all present will receive a healing through the messages that are brought to the group.***


Channeled Psychic Readings

Ascended Master Saint Germain Emma has a special connection with Saint Germain.

Emma channels the ascended masters Saint Germain and Lady Portia. 

A channeled reading is about your spiritual jounrney and the path that the ascended masters predict for you. 


Group Channeled Readings 

$100 per person, with a 3-5 person limit. Each person will receive a 30 minute channled reading.

Private Channeled Readings 

$120 per hour and are done in Emma's Star Chamber

by phone only. 


Cast Psychic Readings

Crystal ball, scarabs, and gilded Egyptian Tarot Deck The crystal ball helps fine-tune psychic abilities. Scarabs are an ancient Egyptian divination tool. Emma's gilded Egyptian Tarot deck.

Rune Readings

Runes are a Norse form of divination excellent for help with business ventures such as land development as well as for pregnancy. Can show what is effecting you in the present, the subconscious mind, how other are effecting you, potentials and how change can be brought about. Typically, one year's worth of time will be covered in the one hour reading.


Scarab Readings

Scarabs, an ancient Egyptian sculpted form, are used

as a talisman, as a representation of the soul, and to predict the future and to forecast the weather. They are particularly useful in helping to determine: The present- what is effecting you now, the past- reveals karmic patterns and shows what needs to be overcome, the future- what obstacles need to be removed to make way for success, prosperity and happiness.


All Cast Readings are one hour for $120.

Numerology & Palmistry

A palm reading with imprints. Palm imprints reveal information otherwise hidden.


Palm Readings


Your palms are "your personal road map of your life!" and they can reveal information about you from birth to ten years into the future. Full palm imprints (left and right) will be read and you will have the imprints of your palms to take home.

In person only in her studio. 

Takes 1 hour for a complete analysis: $120.




Are you trying to find the most successful name for a business or the best name for your new baby? Numerology can help! Numerology gives an energetic makeup of you that helps to reveal auspicious names and times to do things. Numerology is also good for determining when a house should go on the market for a successful sale, telling when you should move and aligning yourself with the right place to live. 

45 minute analysis: $90

Tea Leaf  Readings

Healing tea used in Emma's Tea Leaf readings. Healing teas used in Emma's Tea Leaf readings.

The Art and Magic of  Tea Leaf Readings

Tea Leaf readings are a time honored divination practice which offers insight into the future. Drinking the tea helps to open your heart for greater understanding of one’s life. With all the ups and downs we go through this form of reading can help you feel connected and rejoice in life. Looking into the future at important events can be done as well. Matters of the heart, work, a place to live can all be looked at. Psychic visions happen when looking into the tea leaves and insight into your questions will arise, helping Emma to predict your future.

It is an uplifting reading that will connect you to spirit. The combination of a tea leaf and a Tarot reading is a great combination. $40.00 20 minutes. 45 min. Tea and Tarot combo reading, $100.00; 60 min. Tea and Tarot combo reading, $120.00

Please bring your own cup of tea made with loose tea leaves. 


Crystal Healing Arts

at Hope Artiste Village

1005 Main Street, First Floor

Studio 8216
Pawtucket Rhode Island 02860


Phone:+1 857 526-5021+1 857 526-5021

E-mail: Click Here

Please allow up to 48 hours for a response. Thank you.


Studio Hours

Tuesday-Friday 11am-5pm

Saturday 10am-2pm

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