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With over 34 years of experience as a gifted healer, teacher, and psychic medium, Emma Phaneuf has dedicated her life to the collective spiritual journey and growth of the planet. Emma’s life-mission is to heal the world by addressing the suffering of this planet and to help its inhabitants make the vibrational shift upward to reclaim their birthright as pure spiritual beings. An Ascension teacher and practitioner, Emma has a special connection with Saint Germain and Lady Portia and credits them with guiding her in all aspects of her work. Emma also practices Tibetan Buddhism and dedicates her work to the benefit of all.

Image: Saint Germain Saint Germain

A renowned intuitive advisor for the past 34 years, Emma is a gifted psychic, medium, and channel and has worked for the corporate sector with a highlight including helping an oil tycoon land a multi-million oil deal! Tarot (and other cards), numerology, Runes, crystals, palmistry, scrying, and tea leaves are used to help people gain a better understanding of themselves and the world. People come to her for help with relationships, family problems, fertility advice, finding a job, investment strategy, and just about anything pertaining to the human condition!

Born on Christmas day, 1965 in Somerville, MA as Tracey Emma Fano, Emma chose to change her name for spiritual reasons at the age of 33. Beginning at age 3, Emma began to display her unique psychic gifts. Several near death experiences deepened her sensitivity and understanding. By the age of 7, she began to study with her Grandmother, a “wise woman” of the Blackfoot Native American tradition who initiated her into Black Bear Medicine and taught her the Tarot, herbal medicine, and spiritual values until the age of seventeen. At the age of 19, Emma was working as a full-time professional psychic. At the age of 30, her interest in healing deepened and she became a Reiki Master, with Shinkiko, and Light Ray Therapy accreditation following soon after. During the past seven years Emma focused her studies and training in Sacred Geometry, Ascension, and Tibetan Buddhism. Recent accomplishments include becoming the Grid Master for the Eastern Seaboard. This is a position of great responsibility that requires a strong dedication to help the planet. Emma is responsible for maintaining the ley line grid in that sector, which helps keep the earth’s energies in balance. The tragedy of 9/11 damaged an important part of the grid and almost caused Manhattan to sink into the ocean. Emma was instrumental in fixing it, making twelve trips in four years to ground zero in New York City. This work is still ongoing. On a personal scale, Emma uses both form (sacred geometry as represented by the Flower Life) and light (Reiki and Shinkiko) to heal the human body and the planet. Her work as an Usui Reiki Master, Shinkiko practitioner, Grid master, and crystals expert heals and teaches others to heal.

Emma has been associated with many metaphysical iconic establishments in the Boston area for 27 years as a teacher, reader and healer such as Uplifting Connections, Open Doors and the Original Tremont Tea Room. Articles published about Emma include the Boston Herald, and the Patriot Ledger. TV interviews include two Channel 2 specials: one on hereditary witches and one on psychics. In addition, Emma has been interviewed on numerous radio talk shows. Currently, Emma is on the Board of Directors of the First Spiritualist Church of Rhode Island.

The Star Chamber The Star Chamber

The Star Chamber


One of twelve in the world and the only one in this configuration, because of the power of sacred geometry, the Star Chamber can facilitate healing in the human body and also in the earth. Made with copper filled with crystals, the horzontal tubing is filled with laser quartz, moldavite, kunzite and tanzanite. The top octrahedron cap stone is flourite. The star chamber is free standing, ie. no welding was used in its creation. Emma uses the Star Chamber in healings, readings and in her eastern seabord grid work. Built for Emma by teacher and mentor retired Grid Master Serge Gentiel. 

Note: the triangle in the upper left-hand corner of the photo spontaneously appeared. The triangle is the sacred geometric shape that Emma is most closely connected with. 

Emma's Teachers

Serge Gentiel, retired Grid Master of the Eastern Seaboard. Emma spent seven years of training with Serge, and he helped her through the attunement process to be a grid master at Buoyant canyon, Sedona, Arizona. Made the Star Chamber Emma uses- one of twelve in the world. Emma’s first official assignment as Grid Master of the Eastern seaboard: Serge sent her down to NY to help fix the ley line grid of lower Manhattan at ground zero so the island did not sink into the ocean. A four year process with over twelve visits. Upon his retirement, Serge passed to Emma the Grid mastership status.

Drunvalo Melchizedek, ascension teacher, author, and mentor. Emma’s teacher for the past seven years. Through his studies and research, Melchizedek has discovered how the world is formed through the Flower of Life and what its capabilities are. Emma is an authorized teacher of the Melchizedek Method Flower of Life healing techniques.

Ven. Lama Konchok Sonam, a Tibetan Buddhist spiritual master at the Drikung Meditation Center and the Jokhang Institute in Arlington, MA. Emma’s direct teacher for the past four years. Gave Emma Refuge vows in Tibetan Buddhism and helps guide Emma in the direction of her life.

Emma’s Grandmother Emma Phaneuf honors her Native American roots and owes the start of her spiritual journey in this life to her grandmother, a “wise woman” of the Blackfoot Native American tradition who initiated her into Black Bear Medicine at the age of seven and taught her the Tarot, herbal medicine, and spiritual values until the age of seventeen.

Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, world-renowned authors. When Emma was baptized into the ascension order, she was attuned and given the empowerment of the Ruby Buddha and given an empowerment by the 300 carat Emerald. Gifted the class of Light Ray Therapy through Mark Prophet and St. Germain.

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